torsdag, desember 29, 2011

mandag, desember 19, 2011

mandag, november 14, 2011

Testing hemilight

Hemi.s diverite lowcost fix vs 10w hid

onsdag, august 10, 2011

lørdag, august 06, 2011

Fixing armseals

Nice evening work fixing seals with a. Glass Rose'

Wreck diving

My favorit wreck, located in Flåm..  a short boattrip from wheree i leave :-)


Cavediveing in malta... Comino..


Missing diving in Malta.. looking 4ward 2 sept/okt when going down again...


fredag, august 05, 2011

The project is based on my Light&Motion halogen heads

The project is based on my Light&Motion halogen heads, and will now be upgraded 2 a DIY 35/55w hid.

My foto video equit


tirsdag, august 02, 2011

Getting there...

H7 fits perfect.. not mutch mod needed

Nytt prosjekt

Kor stort ?? 4x55w ?

tirsdag, april 19, 2011

Need: Fabric for Nylon Seaskin suit.

UPDATE! is selling spareparts for their suits so got some fabric 
Nice support fro them, i recomend them highly :-D

I bought a used suit.. nice one,but have short arms... need fabric for a DIY fix..